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Orange is for life not just for Autumn!

Think orange, peach, brown or any burnt shade in between are just for autumnal weddings? Think again!

The beautiful wedding of Dani & Garry at Drumtochty Castle in late winter was certainly complimented by the warm colour palette, and there wasn't a pumpkin in sight.

The couple chose navy for details such as bridesmaid dresses and table linen, which provided a great contrast to the brighter flowers.

Dani had a few flowers that had sentiment to her and so we included orchids, lilies, carnations, freesias and roses along with other blooms, which created quite a dynamic and tonal bouquet.

What would be the hire of Drumtochty if not to make use of those candelabras for the wedding breakfast? Using their budget wisely the couple chose to decorate half of the candelabras in foliage and half included flowers too. I'm delighted to say that they were all 100% foam free too.

Stationery was kept simple with burnt orange backgrounds, pretty white botanical outlines and matched from invitation to on the day items.

So if you think a colour is stereotypically associated with a season, we'd love to break the mould with you.

Venue: Drumtochty Castle Drumtochty Castle-Home

Hair: MLR Hairdressing Michelle Reid Hairdressing

Dress: Perfect Bridal Rooms Homepage - Perfect Bridal Rooms

Hair: Piece RedRocks Facebook

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