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Embracing Spring Weddings

The fog rolled in and there was a stillness in the air, granted for the start of May we'd have hoped for some better weather for Laura & Kevin's big day at The Barn at Barra, but there is a quiet understatement of a Spring wedding. It is one of the few times in the calendar year us florists aren't stressing too much about the effects heat or snow will have on the longevity of the flower arrangements or the ability to get them to the couple, and that sentiment works out well for the couple too. There's limited stress about whether guests will be able to get to the venue, makeup is unlikely to slide off as soon as it's applied, and wearing a dress or kilt outfit is going to be fairly comfortable!

Add in the fact that for most of the winter we haven't left the house much apart from work due to the dark nights, and everyone is raring for an excuse to dress up and have a party. Spring weddings ROCK!!

You might have guessed however that I came here to speak about flowers, and Spring really is a truly wonderful time for flowers. Laura's bouquet featured lots of seasonal accents such as narcissi, stocks, viburnum, nigella and grasses, alongside trusty all year round favourites.

Spring flowers have a bounce about them and a fragility that says we're not around for long, so enjoy us while you can, and here's a wee peak into those very blooms. Enjoy (and if you're still undecided on a date - seriously consider Spring)!

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