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Let's talk about RSVP-ing

Bridebook recently released a report all about weddings, and in it they found that the most common way of collecting responses from wedding guests was via text message, following close on its heels though was the trusty physical card.

Don't get me wrong, for evening reception guests I actively encourage a contact number or email address, it's a quick yes or no as to whether your guests will make the party. Job done.

However, call me old fashioned, but for day guests this is an occasion and warrants the appropriate response method.

Weddings these days are also full of more choices than a hotel buffet, and you as the couple need to make sure you have all of the information you need. I'm not just talking about whether your guests are coming, but if they need the bus, if so from which stop, what are their menu choices and do they have any dietary requirements. All of this can so easily be missed in a text, and there goes your quiet night in front of the TV, instead you're chasing up Auntie Brenda to see if Uncle Brian wants the Chicken or the Beef.

I'm not a total dinosaur to know that wedding websites are making a rise in terms of popularity, with many offering free domains and ways to collect responses. But, I refer to the above, you need to make sure that it has the capacity to collect ALL of the information you need. You will also need to enclose a link or QR code to the website on your invitations, and build it before your invitations go out. Don't also forget we still live in an age where not all guests are online, I'm looking at you Granny!

So what do we take from this? The stationer pushing a physical RSVP, there's a shock! BUT, I

think I make a good case and point, and receiving anything through the post which isn't a bill is exciting, no?

Source: Bridebook: The UK Wedding Report 2023

Text 39%, Physical Card 37%, Email 34%, Wedding Website 33%, In Person 23%, Phone 20%

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